Tom Richmond: Ink Stained Wretch

Cartoonist Tom Richmond has decided to change the emphasis of his online presence.

He broke the news on his Tom’s Mad Blog last week:

This blog used to get average of 3.5K unique visitors per day at its peak in 2008. Today a really good day is less than 1K. It has become obvious to me (after being shown the facts by some very smart friends) that I am spending my time sharing my work, insights, and experiences with a world that mostly doesn’t get a chance to see it.

So, starting next week there will be a paradigm shift in approach and philosophy here at Tom’s Mad Blog.

I am not going to abandon the blog, but I am shifting my focus from daily posts here to a weekly email called “The Ink Stained Wretch”. It’s an evolution of my current newsletter, which has up until now been VERY infrequent to the toon of only a handful a year.

My goal with “The Ink Stained Wretch” is to give you something new, exclusive and entertaining every Wednesday.

Here it is Wednesday and the newsletter showed up as promised.

With the exclusive Sketch of the Week and news of new MAD content and more.

Sign up at Tom’s Mad Blog which still updates a couple times a week.


Tom joins a growing list of cartoonists who are going the newsletter route,

like Clay Jones and Jason Chatfield


This seems like a good place to put a link to Mike Peterson’s Support Your Local Cartoonist
as a reminder that our favorite cartoonists need food and shelter along with ink and paper.


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