Support Your Local Cartoonist (Updated)

I’ve updated this list of cartoons, cartoonists and their Patreon and other support pages. You don’t have to support them all, of course, but, if you like the medium, you should choose some favorites and back them up!

A fellow named Rickey Scott got in touch with me at CSotD and offered to compile a list of Patreon and other support sites.

If you are a cartoonist with a support site not listed here (or you spot a typo in yours), put it in the comments and I’ll add it when I update things.

And if you are a lover of the medium, please consider supporting a couple of your favorite artists. As staff positions disappear, private donations make a huge, huge difference.

(Thanks, Rickey!)

Jerry King

D.M. Higgins President Supervillain

Alan Moir

Folding Hamster

Bob Englehart

Darrin Bell



Barry Deutsch

Bill Day

Hilary Campbell


Zoe Si

Satish Acharya

Rob Rogers

Zookie Cartoons

Chuck Whelon

Richard Pettitt

Nick Anderson

Cartoon Box


Cartoons By Dante

M. Rasheed

Ted Rall

A. F. Branco

Kris Black

Tom Sparke

Mr. Fish

Paul Karasik

Tundra Comics, Chad Carpenter

Erika Moen

Rusty Yunusoff






Lucy Bellwood

Levni Yilmaz

Ben Wright-Heuman

Julia Wertz

Melissa Mendes

Sophie Goldstein

John Kovalic, Dork Tower

Luke Foster

Casey Nowak

Dark Legacy Comics

Steve Lafler

Wardell Brown

Rick Stromoski

These three Patreon pages require you to to be 18+:

Super Cartoonist

Kyle Morrison

Ailurus Mursus

keefknight-K Chronicles (Keith Knight)

Mark Fiore

Brian McFadden

Jen Sorensen

Tom Tomorrow, Sparky’s List

Ed Power and Melissa Dejesus

Charles Brubaker

Bill Holbrook, Kevin and Kell

Crowden Satz

Jesse Springer

Nathaniel Gold

Liza Donnelly

Gretchen Koch

Otterly Human

Jesse Springer Cartoons

Crowden Satz

Ike and Joe

My Cage

Charles Brubaker

Kevin and Kell


For multiple cartoonists

Cartooning for Peace

The Nib


And stores:

Patrick Chappatte

Jason Chatfield

4 thoughts on “Support Your Local Cartoonist (Updated)

  1. Thanks, Mike – alas I ended UP on the HiLL a few months ago due to the usual cartoonist’s dilemma of the time it took vs money it made.

  2. Deleted, Mike, but do let me know if you come up with another way to support your work. Granite Staters gotta stick together.

  3. There are many cartoonists I would like to support (and that’s one reason I pay GoComics each year), but I can’t afford to give a significant amount to each of the hundred or so artists I enjoy daily. If Patreon would let me specify a group of individuals (like GoComics does) and divvy up my contribution among that group, it would make me more willing to chip in some support.

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