Pedro X. Molina Awarded Gabo for Excellence

Pedro X. Molina, cartoonist and illustrator of CONFIDENCIAL, has been awarded the Recognition of Excellence Gabo Award 2021, by the Governing Council of the Gabo Foundation, becoming the first cartoonist to receive such award, naming him “one of the most persistent and incisive commentators of contemporary processes of corruption, advancement of authoritarianism, regression of civil liberties and human rights abuses”.

"Respect the free determination of the people!"

About the Gabo Recognition of Excellence:

  • Recognition of excellence: for a journalist or journalistic team of recognized independence, integrity and commitment to the ideals of public service in journalism, who deserves to be highlighted and set as an example for their entire career or for an exceptional contribution to the search for the truth or the advancement of journalism. The winner is chosen by the Governing Council of the Gabo Award.

More about Pedro and Gabo from Confidencial:

According to the award certificate, The Gabo Foundation’s Board of Trustees considered that Molina’s work “stands out for its visual delicacy, for its profound reflection on events taking place in Nicaragua, Central America and elsewhere, and at the same time for its hilarious irreverence”.

They add that “his work has become a reference for the exercise of satire as a genre that adds value to the journalistic profession, and performs the important task of vigilance and criticism of power”.

From JRMora (via Google Translate):

[Pedro] is awarded “for his career as a sharp and creative cartoonist, his incisive commentary on the abuses of power and for being a benchmark for satire as a genre that adds value to journalism “.

The Gabo Foundation adds that the award is also an acknowledgment of the work of cartoonists in Ibero-America and a voice of encouragement to those who do resistance journalism in the region.

He is the first cartoonist to receive this recognition and the second to receive an institutional award from the foundation, after the award given to Hermenegildo Sábat Garibaldi (1933-2018), winner of the “Tribute” category of the New Journalism Award in 2005.

© Pedro X. Molima

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