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The Funny Pages This Week part two

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Bound and Gagged reminds me of the old comic pages where they added an extra frame to the strips.


© Jenny Campbell

Elsewhere – not sure if Larry, of Flo and Friends,  puts me more in mind of Thor or Captain America.

Thor and Captain America © Marvel Comics


© Liniers

Regarding Macanudo: yeah, that’d do it.


© Thaves

Frank and Ernest: It’s not a tortured pun, so I like it.


© Baby Blues Bros.

I laughed out loud at Baby Blues.


© Bill Griffith

Zippy gets schooled. Learn more.


© King Features Syndicate

Beetle Bailey brings up the subject of grawlix.
And provides an excuse to post this wonderful graphic from Boing Boing.


Scott Adams gets a mention in Over The Hedge.

© M Fry & T Lewis

I’m not sure when it happened
but Over The Hedge is one of my Top Ten current comic strips.

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