Off/On Again Cartoonist Steve Artley Off Again

Steve Artley, who has retired and returned to the art of political cartooning, has decided to try a new venture to satisfy his editorializing.

Following a 30-year political cartooning career, Steve Artley has transitioned his satirical prowess to another form: radio.

Artley continues to maintain his illustration, advertising and marketing strategy support company, saying this new venture is “a reasonable fix for my political satire addiction” left vacant from retiring his “political cartooning pen” earlier this year.

editorial cartoon by Steven G Artley artleytoons

Mike Rhode at ComicsDC breaks the news.


Of course items about Steve bring up thoughts of his father Bob Artley.


Years ago Bob’s Memories of a Former Kid was a regular feature in the Good Old Days magazine.

Mike Rhode has more about The Artleys – father and son.