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The Lost Summer

As a youngster and teenager I went camping and to summer camps and down through the river vegetation. I don’t remember going through cornfields, I grew up around orchards and vineyards. But I never got lost. I do realize children get lost on occasion, but reading the funny pages it seems to be a rite of passage. Like a first kiss. Everyone goes through it.

In July the Forths vacationed at a cabin by the lake. And…

© King Features Syndicate


Also in July young’uns Spud and Sterling got separated from the rest in a cornfield. And…

© William Wilson

(By the way if I had destroyed a farmer’s crop by making a clearing in the field
I would want to get lost rather than face the storm I knew would be coming.)

Heart of the City saw some city folk go to a country retreat. And…

© Andrews McMeel Syndication


Just wandering around at your grandparents country home. And…

© McKee & Sligh


Back at Snug Harbor, they’re out of the fields. And…


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