Conservative Press Excoriates Liberal Cartoonist

A Florida editorial cartoonist was ripped as sexist and misogynistic on Wednesday for publishing a political cartoon that depicted Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw as a Covergirl and a Twitter troll.

From Fox News:

Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News Journal produced an exaggerated drawing of Pushaw as a “COVID-19 Covergirl and taxpayer-funded Twitter troll.” The satirical magazine cover included feature teases like “3 cosmetic enhancements to conceal inner ugliness” and “how bitterness and cynicism can hide your boss’ inadequacies.”

The cartoon comes on the heels of Pushaw’s public dust-up with the Associated Press over a story about DeSantis last week. She publicly ripped the story’s reporter for its apparent premise that DeSantis was promoting an effective COVID treatment for political reasons, leading to the AP and DeSantis exchanging angry letters.

The Fox News report goes on to display Twitter accounts from numerous “Conservative activists and DeSantis backers” bashing Marlette for blatant misogyny. They do not note that Ms. Pushaw recently had her Twitter account suspended for harassing an AP reporter and inciting her followers to “drag them.” This seems to be what she is doing to Andy Marlette because of his political cartoon.

Conservative Florida outlets have joined in the criticism.

The Floridian:

After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw was suspended by Twitter for going after an Associated Press (AP) reporter over a story she believes was ‘Fake News’ because the author of the story inferred that DeSantis was pushing the Regeneron COVID treatment because one of his donors had invested into the drug company, a Pensacola News Journal cartoonist used a sexist and disingenuously cartoon to depict Pushaw.

The artist, Andy Marlette, stated in his cartoon that Pushaw had (3) “cosmetic enhancements to conceal inner ugliness” and accused her of “using Twitter to take a taxpayer funded paycheck.”

The Tampa Free Press:

Now, a liberal editorial cartoonist in Florida is taking flak for attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman.

On Wednesday, Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News-Journal tweeted his caricature of Christina Pushaw as an ugly, if not repellant, “cover girl” disgracing the front of a high-end fashion magazine.

The cartoon features teasing headlines that portray Pushaw as an acidic, badly made-over gold-digger stumping for DeSantis on the taxpayer dime as the “Florida COVID Cover-up Girl.”

After Christina posted an old college cartoon by Andy

The Tampa Free Press added another article without adding context:

Newspaper comnpany[sic] Gannett came under fire on Wednesday for cartoons published by an Editorial Cartoonist with the Pensacola News Journal.

One of the two cartoons that set Twitter on fire Wednesday, depict Kanye West and Condoleezza Rice. West is holding a ‘race card’ while Rice says the ‘N’ word.

The campaign may be working.

At the moment the Pushaw cartoon is not found on Andy’s Pensacola News Journal page
nor on Andy’s page from his syndicate Creators.

The cartoon is on Andy’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


UPDATE – later that same night…

Apparently the cartoon never appeared on a Gannett/Pensacola News-Journal owned property.

Via Fox News:

A spokesperson for Gannett told Fox News, “Editorial cartoons are intended to spark debate and discussion about public figures and matters via pointed, satirical commentary. We take seriously our policy not to publish material that is sexist, racist or discriminatory and we constantly evaluate our editing process to ensure our standards are met. This cartoon has not published in any of our newspapers or on our websites and is being reviewed.”



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  1. How is this misogynist? Because it mentions cosmetics?

    They’re just doing what they do: using phony outrage as a political tactic.

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