Friday Free-For-All

‘s column about Cathy Guisewite‘s last book is the only excuse needed to let all know that Cathy Guisewite’s next book is on the schedule. Previews at GoComics.

© Cathy Guisewite


© Oconee Enterprise/Chuck Cunningham

The Georgia Press Association honored the winners of the 2021 Better Newspaper Contest on Friday, July 30 at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel during the group’s 134th annual convention.

Editorial Cartoonist 
Third place: Fitzroy James, The Champion, Decatur (below left)
Second place: Reed Allen, Morgan County Citizen, Madison (below right)
First place: Chuck Cunningham, The Oconee Enterprise, Watkinsville (above)

© Morgan County Citizen/Alan Redd; The Champion/Fitzroy James


Wonder Woman © DC Comics; art © Kerry Callen

Another piece of art headed to the NCS auction this Fall for the benefit of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This one by Kerry Callen, who also shows off a full color version of Wonder Woman reproducing a scene from The Seven Year Itch.


© Lalo Alcaraz

Lalo Alcaraz once again gets on NBC News.

One prominent Latino cartoonist is using his art to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Lalo Alcaraz, author of the first nationally syndicated Latino political cartoon strip “La Cucaracha,” is creating culturally relevant art for to help disseminate information about Covid-19 vaccines and testing to Latino communities, especially in the Southwest.

Read about Lalo’s effort to encourage vaccination.


© King Features Syndicate

If it’s Miss Buxley, this must be Wednesday. Brian Walker shows off Miss Buxley’s beach wear.


© Gerald Dworkin & Zola Weinberg

What happens when your regular cartoonist goes on vacation? 

One of our regular comic strip artists is taking a break, and so there’s a new comic today.

It’s by the team of Gerald Dworkin (UC Davis), who mentioned to me that he had some ideas for comics but no talent for drawing, and my daughter, Zola Weinberg (age 13), who very much likes to draw. There’s no plan for this to be a regular series, but perhaps there will occasionally be further products of this collaboration in the future.


Newspaper profits.

Gannett, owner of USA TODAY, reported its first quarterly profit since its merger in 2019 as the company’s digital subscription strategy gained momentum and the economy improved, bolstering its advertising clients.

The media company, which also owns more than 250 other daily publications as well as several hundred weeklies, reported net income of $15 million for the second quarter. S&P Global Market Intelligence analysts had expected a net loss of $102 million.


© DC Comics; art © Mitch Gerads

BoingBoing talks comic cursing.

Mitch Gerads: Seeing the Grawlix vs. “Swears” debate pop up…yet again… I am of the FIRM belief that Grawlix are one of the absolute best tools in the comics Arsenal. You can get all the emotion of a scene through without your characters sounding crass or unintelligent.

…  Secondly: this tweet was the first time I have ever seen a “$&%#@!” word referred to as “Grawlix.” It’s one of those weird linguistic things that I’ve always just accepted, and taken for granted, without considering that someone would have named, identified, and categorized it. According to a 2013 article from Slate, the term “grawlix” was coined by Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker.


A cartoonist expresses thoughts, ideas and opinions through art and drawings. Their work is often found in newspapers, magazines, websites and comic books. There are no formal education requirements for cartoonists, but a degree program in an art-related field could prove beneficial.

Cartoonist: Overview of Education Programs for Cartooning