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Checking Out a New Week of Comic Strips

Starting off with something I’m finding hilarious.

© John Hambrock

This story line of Edison and Orville and The Rooskies has been going on for a couple of weeks and I am laughing at every day’s strip. Orville is priceless. Check out The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee to find out why they call it The Funny Pages.


The night time is the right time.

© King Features Syndicate

The Forth’s vacation has also been going on for several weeks, but the past days with Hilary and Faye lost in the woods have impressed me. Yeah, I Ces’s story is good, but it’s the Jim Keefe art that I’m really enjoying. Beginning with dusk and turning to night the art has been impressive (and the forest scenes aren’t bad either). The night scenes seems to ending, but the vacation continues. Check out Sally Forth.


The game is afoot.

© Wiley Miller

Starting today is a series that l am looking forward to. What follows promises to be full of hijinks and hilarity. Check out Non Sequitur.


Belated birthday wishes.

© Solo Syndication

It’s a couple weeks late as the strip first strip appeared on July 8, 1963, but it is not uncommon for the English strips to appear here in the U.S. weeks after they first appeared in England – something to do with sailing across the Atlantic I guess. Check out Fred Basset‘s birthday party.


Men behind the funnies.

Tracy © Tribune Content Agency; Funky © Batom, Inc.

There are a couple comics-related comics going on. Tom Batiuk has featured the lead-up to a San Diego Comic-Con panel (moderated by Mark Evanier) where a couple of old comic book co-creators are reunited. Check out Funky Winkerbean.

Elsewhere our favorite detective has been looking for comic strip cartoonist Vera Alldid and Mysta, with some behind the scenes looks at the cartooning business. Check out Dick Tracy. (And then stay tuned for a surprise villain reappearing.)


Cartoon awareness.

Rubes © Leigh Rubin; Ziggy © Ziggy and Friends, Inc.

A couple of meta comics today Check out Rubes and Ziggy.


Making us work for it.

© Bill Griffith

Yesterday Jef Mallett made it interesting to read Frazz.
Today Bill Griffith is playing games with us. Check out Zippy.



© Stephan Pastis

Check out Pearls Before Swine.

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