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Cartooning While Black

Really late on this exhibit.

Chashama and Art To Ware present Cartooning While Black, a preview of the art from the upcoming One Idea Press title release, The Anti-Racism Activity Book. Art from the volume, written and illustrated by cartoonist and comedian Victor Varnado, is shown alongside fellow Black New Yorker cartoonists, Yasin Osman, Akeem S Roberts, and Jerald Lewis II. The exhibit is currently on display at ChaShaMa Gallery in New York City and runs through Thursday, August 5, 2021.

The Skanner News informed us.

“Traditionally, very few Black cartoonists have appeared in the New Yorker, but recent efforts by the magazine and the cartoon editor Emma Allen have made an exhibit like this possible,” said Jason Chatfield, president of The National Cartoonists Society and New Yorker cartoonist.

The article also discusses The Anti-Racism Activity Book.

The Anti-Racism Activity Book is social satire created in the style of a children’s puzzle and coloring book. The exhibit features crosswords, word finds, and other nostalgic activity book throwbacks, combined with original cartooning work from Varnado, all using humor to illustrate how dumb racism is.

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