Clay Jones Reviews Electronic Tools of the Trade

Editorial cartoonist Clay Jones has written an in-depth review and comparison (“it’s long. I wrote it over three days”) of Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s iPad.

To be specific, my review is of a Surface Pro 6 (16 GB) and an iPad Pro 12.9 (1 TB) as for how they apply for drawing political cartoons [emphasis added] and suit my other needs. To be even more specific, the art programs also being compared are Corel Painter Essentials 6 (Surface Pro) and Procreate (iPad). First off, when you purchase a tablet or computer to draw in, get as much memory/speed/ram as you can afford. Trust me on this. It makes a huge difference. Also, keep in mind that I’m not a techie person. I can be a real moron with this kind of stuff. Also, cartoonists, well, older cartoonists HATE changing and learning new stuff. But here I am.


I’ll cut to the chase and give you a spoiler. When it comes to drawing, [redacted] wins and it’s not even close. And if you want to keep reading, neither come off perfect or entirely terrible. I’m still using both tablets for my work.

Also, keep in mind that one is a tablet/computer hybrid and the other is a tablet.

Read Clay’s review here.


And then watch Clay use The Tool to draw cartoons, for example this one:

The one that Instagram had a problem with.

Today’s drawn in 30 seconds video, of General Milley and the Trump coup, has been blocked by Instagram because they don’t think I own it and they’re afraid it’ll upset Canadians. Seriously.