Buffalo News Stops Running Adam Zyglis Cartoons (for now)

From WBFO (npr):

You might have noticed something missing from your copy of The Buffalo News Friday: the names of the reporters and photographers who make the paper possible.

The Buffalo Newspaper Guild is going on an indefinite byline strike, withholding their names from their stories and photos, in protest of changes proposed by the News’ ownership and management.



The Buffalo News’ editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis has joined the protest.
From Adam’s Twitter feed:

So if Adam won’t sign his cartoons The News won’t run them.
But if other journalists won’t sign their content The News will run them?

From the Buffalo Newspaper Guild:

Lee Enterprises, the out-of-state owner of The Buffalo News, is waging an assault on the 150 union workers who help produce the award-winning paper — the people who write stories, take photographs, edit and design pages, provide customer service to our readers and get the paper delivered.

Lee Enterprises wants concessions that threaten the quality of a newspaper with the largest newsroom in Upstate New York State and the primary source of news for more than 100,000 readers in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Lee Enterprises wants to ship our jobs to Mexico and the Midwest, eliminating one-fourth of the jobs performed by members of the Buffalo Newspaper Guild, the largest union at The News. The company wants the power to lay off anyone at any time for any reason and freeze union members’ pensions even though the pension is fully funded and doesn’t cost the company a dime.


Can you spot Adam in the group? from WBEN

Lee Enterprises bought The Buffalo News in early 2020.

Front page via Newseum