Yet Another Round of Weekend Whatnots

CDC warns of swimming with diarrhea in animated tweet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a splash on social media when it warned Americans against swimming with diarrhea this summer — with some joking the agency’s animation went poo far.

The N. Y. Post reports the Twitterverse ran with it.


Marvel does not permit The Simpsons to reanimate Stan Lee.

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In the short, Tom Hiddleston, as Loki, makes his debut appearance in “The Simpsons” universe for a cartoon that makes an array of allusions to other MCU prominent characters. But there is no sign of Lee.

Jean told that he and his team considered inserting a tribute to Lee upon discovering unused audio files of the creative genius from a prior engagement with the show.

However, Marvel summarily nixed the plan due to a new policy they have established concerning the beloved author.

Marvel and The Simpsons are both owned by Walt Disney.

The Wrap carries details.


China celebrates The Fourth of July.

Chinese state media have published a sickening cartoon mocking the violence that gripped American cities over the Fourth of July weekend.

The cartoon, posted by Xinhua News Service, depicts two men in business suits clinking glasses of wine and chanting ‘to freedom,’ while a crazed-looking man next to them finishes their sentence with ‘of shooting.’ 

The Daily Mail reports on Chinese propaganda.


Some Kenyans reading The Phantom see subtle racism.

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I don’t normally read comic strip cartoons. But this week I read quite a number after receiving a complaint that “The Phantom”, published by the Sunday Nation, is racist. The cartoon “drives the racist narrative that Africans desperately need a white hero to save them from themselves,” says Dr Wambua Kituku. “It should be scrapped, just like the Rhodes statues were brought down.”

“The Phantom” is also more harmful for the same reason than Tarzan of the Apes, a novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs in which Tarzan, a British lord, is the king of the African jungle, where Africans are portrayed as savages.

Fortunately, there are many versions of “The Phantom”, and not all of them are racist in tone. The Swedish version, for example, is not as colonial as the American ones that the Sunday Nation publishes.

Read The Nation’s article by their ombudsman.


Taschen Book Sale

The high-end publisher has a few books in our field of interest.


 Attempted Bloggery’s tenth anniversary index.

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While Stephen Nadler’s Attempted Bloggery has a New Yorker fixation, there is a lot of other artists and cartoonists he highlights. And now he has supplied a handy-dandy index to the blog.