Niche Cartoons

Recently stumbled on a few sites that feature cartoons for specific audiences.

Cartoonist Dan Thompson, of Brevity, Rip Haywire, KidSpot, Harley, Lost Sheep,
and Humorous Maximus fame, began a new weekly gig earlier this year.

© Classic Cars

The Classic Carl Caption Contest is, you guessed it, a caption contest. It began in February of this year. Dan creates a cartoon and the readers of The Classic Journal have a week to write a gag.

The Classic Carl archives are here.


The Baptist Message, “a voice of and to Louisiana Baptists”, runs a few cartoons on their site.

© the respective copyright owners

They carry a number of panels: McKeever Cartoons by Joe McKeever, Beyond the Ark by Doug Michael, Church of the Covered Dish by Thom Tapp, Fletch by Dennis Fletcher, and P.K. – Preacher’s Kids by David Ayers.

They can all be read at The Baptist Message site.


Crude by Steve Burnett is done for the trade magazine Oilman and,
as you would guess, it does take sides in the politics of Big Oil.

© Steve Burnett/Oilman Magazine

The cartoon has an archive at


One thought on “Niche Cartoons

  1. Charles Rodrigues is my patron saint of niche cartoonists. In the 70s, I found this National Lampoon stalwart was all over the place, doing three-a-month pages of cartoons for stereo magazines and electronics magazines, maybe ski magazines as well. I wonder how many places he was that I haven’t found yet.

    And he was superb at it! His electronics cartoons tickled me, as a kid taking radio-tv repair at a voc-tech. He knew his subjects. His stereo cartoons have been collected by a fan and get circulated every couple of years at the classical music newsgroup I follow.

    I admire his hustle, his initiative, his skill, and most of all his funny cartoons.

    Anybody know any specific venues of his work that I’ve overlooked?

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