Don’t Know Much About History? Bob’ll Learn Ya

Robert C. Harvey is a well-known and well-learned comics historian and cartoonist. 

Bob has been a long-time contributor to The Comics Journal (contributing an essay today) and he contributes a monthly column to Humor Times (usually in the first half of the month, so a new one should be just around the corner).

R. C. also has his own page which is behind a paywall … usually.

But Harvey celebrates our country’s birthday by giving us a present:

This time, we pop out of the ol’ rabbit hole with a return of Our Annual Open Access Month (OAM). The whole purpose of OAM is to convince non-$ubscribers that Rants & Raves, the online magazine of comics news and reviews, cartooning history and lore, is worth paying $3.95/quarter in order to enjoy chatter that matters about cartooning in most of its forms.

Our OAM for Seasonal Beach Reading Is Celebrated through Mid-August. That’s right, to repeat and emphasize— as a special summer swimsuit offer, Rancid Raves and Harv’s Hindsight, normally accessible only to those who have paid the ridiculously low subscription fee of $3.95/quarter, will be open to all comers from whenever you read this through mid-August, 2021 without charge or hindrance.

Bob is letting all comers read his 22 year archive of historial hindsights and monthly news posts free!

Among Bob’s recent essays on comics is sorting out the true Archie creator from the three or four people claiming that honor, a Frank Thorne obituary/tribute, celebrating Black comic strip anniversaries, explaining why Bob Mankoff left The New Yorker, and so much (22 years of) more.

Also is Bob’s monthly look at what is happening in comic strip, comic book, editorial and magazine cartooning, and anything else in the news of related stuff. Read Bob rant about the recent Pulitzers, read Bob rave about newly released books.

Check it all out at