Honolulu Advertiser’s 85th Anniversary (1941)

For reasons remaining unknown The Honolulu Advertiser
decided to go all out for their 85th anniversary on July 2, 1941.
For rationale just as mysterious we’re acknowledging that 80 years later.

The Advertiser invited the cartoonists whose features ran in the newspaper to help celebrate.

George (Grin and Bear It) Lichty, John (Strange As It Seems) Hix, and Charlie (Ella Cinders) Plumb sent congratulations obviously created for the newspaper’s anniversary. The rest may have been produced for the occasion though they seem somewhat generic except for the lettered sentiments.

Below are greetings from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Dagwood and Blondie, Skippy, Popeye and Wimpy, Snuffy Smith and Loweezy, Joe Jinks, Maw and Paw Perkins, Sergeant Pat and Pinky, and Brick Bradford.

The paper’s in-house weather ‘toon, Sol Pluvius by Jerry Chong, celebrated with the rest of them.

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