20 Years Ago Today: John Rose Signs Snuffy Smith

Last month John Rose celebrated being hired by King Features Syndicate to succeed Fred Lasswell as the cartoonist for the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip.

But it wasn’t until May 21, 2001 that the first strip carrying the John Rose signature appeared.

© King Feature Syndicate

Happy Anniversary John! Another Twenty?

4 thoughts on “20 Years Ago Today: John Rose Signs Snuffy Smith

  1. By the way, what did the last Fred Laswell Snuffy Smith strip in 2001 look like just before John Rose took over?

  2. The change from Fred’s last to John’s first was imperceptible.
    For three and a half years John had been Uncle Fred’s assistant (since Fred entered his eighties). My understanding is that while Fred was responsible for the strip until his death, by that time he was laying out the strip and John was doing all the finishing.

  3. Thank you so much to The Daily Cartoonist for finding and sharing my first signed BG&SS comic strip! I appreciate your kind words about my 20th anniversary and I am hoping to be drawing the strip for many more years! I love creating it as much now as I did when I started! Maybe even more! (:

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