Someday Funnies (B.C., Id, Mutts, Capp, and Liô)

I don’t remember the characters of The Wizard of Id and B.C. comic strips mingling except in promotional material like the above. That changed Monday.

I liked this. There is an internal logic that a potion or incantation of the Wizard’s went wrong and he ended up where he did. Also both the characters meeting are the stars of their eponymous strips. The only thing that could have made it better was if one of those sound effects was one already famously shared by the two.


Sticking with the John Hart Studio Sunday’s Wizard of Id was some nice timing with real world events:

As long as I’m visiting their studio…

Someone correct me ’cause I don’t know, I think he showed up after Johnny and before Mick and Mason, but I am enjoying Henry’s increased visibility.

Wizard of Id and B.C. © John Hart Studio



More enjoyment from Patrick McDonnell Sunday.

© Patrick McDonnell

Patrick is well-versed in comics history so there is no doubt in my mind the above was at least partially in tribute to Rube Goldberg.


It appears, by the word balloons, that Lawrence Goldsmith has returned to Andy Capp.

© MGN Ltd.

As reported a couple months ago Lawrence was sidelined, it seems he’s back.
Being a time lag twixt The Mother Country and The Colonies the new content appeared there first.
Like two weeks ago.


Later that some day … I forgot Liô!

Mark Tatulli and Liô celebrated 15 years on the funny pages last week.

GoComics Blog remembered and interviewed Mark.

What is your favorite thing about creating the strip and all the characters?

Every day is something new and different, and I try to think, “What is nobody else doing on the comics page today?” The idea of making something that always surprises me excites my creative spirit to no end, and it never gets old.

© Mark Tatulli

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