WPWG Drops Rudy Park from Syndication Page

The syndicates have been busy this year adjusting their pages that feature the comics offered to newspapers. The year started off with Tribune Content Agency introducing Mt. Pleasant as a new comic strip. That was quickly followed by Andrews McMeel Syndication taking on the distribution of Half Full, and more recently dropping Tarzan from their subscription list. Before January was over King Features Syndicate added Gearhead Gertie and then, again recently, dropped Buckles when the creator decided to stop producing the strip. In February it was Creators Syndicate with the new Humor Me interactive panel added to the roster, with the yet-to-debut Shrimp & Grits joining the crew this month.

That left the Washington Post Writers Group (WPWG).
Now they have joined the updating fun.

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This week WPWG dropped Rudy Park from the page showcasing the offerings from that syndicate. Officially Rudy Park merged with Candorville three years ago and the score or so of papers running Rudy Park began receiving the Candorville-Rudy Park amalgation. Rudy Park then became an online only comic of reruns. The new WPWG page now features eight comics.

The look of their current page: