New Comic: Shrimp & Grits by Andy Marlette

Shrimp & Grits by Andy Marlette will debut from Creators Syndicate on May 31, 2021
(if I’m reading the dates of the sample strips correctly).

Shrimp is a young girl and Grits is her friend – an alligator.
Shrimp’s dad Hugo, owner of a pub, is also part of the cast.

© Creators Syndicate/Andy Marlette

Creators Syndicate has loaded the first couple weeks to their Shrimp & Grits page.

Andy Marlette is the political cartoonist for The Pensacola News Journal, so it would seem to be pretty much a certainty that western Florida residents will be among the lucky ones to get the strip in their paper. The rest of us will have to call our papers’ editors and cross our fingers.

This is the second cartoon feature from Creators this year.
They had earlier released Humor Me to newspapers.

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  1. Wait. Creators has done two “caption it” comics in the last couple years? Was the first one so successful that they had to a second?

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