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1921 Beginning of the End for Cartoons Magazine

These days we have Funny Times and Humor Times for regular magazines featuring political, social, and gag cartoons. 100 years ago our grand- and great-grand parents had Cartoons Magazine.

above: covers from Robert Beerbohm and his Platinum Age Facebook page

It was one hundred years ago this month that sadly saw the end of Cartoons Magazine in its original format as the June 1921 issue hit the newsstands. The following month saw a change, a change that spelled doom for Cartoons Magazine.


Paul Berge, who entertains us on Saturdays with a regular look at cartoons of 100 years past, knows as much as anyone about Cartoons Magazine. Today he looks at the end of a wonderful magazine that had been around since 1912 but wouldn’t see 1922.

The Google books page featuring Cartoons Magazine (“Read for free”).

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