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Alert: Scam Targeting Cartoonists

The National Cartoonists Society is helping Bill Morrison spread the word
about a scam specifically directed at cartoonists.

From the NCS:

Dear NCS Members,
Keep your eyes peeled for scammers targeting cartoonists. NCS past-President Bill Morrison had the following experience with a scammer offering cartoon work, and he luckily picked up on the ruse before it got too far.

From Bill:

I was a cartooning scam victim!
I recently had an experience with a scammer that was tailored to me as a cartoonist, and I feel obligated to warn my cartoonist and illustrator friends not to fall for this swindle.
It began with an email from a woman, “Heather Hall,” who said she represented a company that wanted to hire me to draw some cartoons for a Covid safety presentation for high school-age kids. The job paid very well and had a generous deadline. A few things seemed odd at first…

Read the full episode at NCS’ Facebook.

The NCS offers this advice:

If ever you are in doubt about an unsolicited job, always copy and paste some of the email into google to check if it is a phishing scam, or similar. The odds are, other artists have experienced the same thing and hopefully clued in to it.


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