Multidimensional, Time Spanning Sunday Funnies

Ted Forth goes on and on about a multidimensional adventure while Hilary and Faye discuss
Ted’s grasp on reality. Ces scripts over 250 words leaving little room for art.
And as the strip progresses the verbiage gets denser and denser.

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Gotta wonder if panels four and five is Jim throwing some shade
as Hilary is eclipsed by the word balloons’ shadow.


© Paul Gilligan

Also living lives in multiple universes like Ted are Poncho and Mr. McClellan.

© William Wilson


Back to the Forth Family and their stroll through the park.
It reminds me that The Phantom has had an appalling lack of action
for the past month and a half in both the daily and Sunday “adventures.”

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Thank goodness we still have Prince Valiant!

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Prince Valiant, of course, is a Middle Ages adventure strip and I could conceive of a battle between Val and some Horrible Viking. But Hägar meeting an 18th Century (Disneyesque) pirate is out of time.

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However …

© Garry B. Trudeau

Hägar and The Wizard in Doonesbury is acceptable since they are acknowledged as all comic strip characters living in the Sunday comic supplements.


2 thoughts on “Multidimensional, Time Spanning Sunday Funnies

  1. Strips like Sunday’s are moments when I wish the comic could legitimately be renamed The Widow Sally Forth. Ted is normally stupidly annoying, but every so often he goes into overdrive.

    He reminds me of people I once knew who’d get tossed out of science fiction conventions because the rest of the attendees couldn’t stand them or their behavior.

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