Major Trigger Warning for Sunday Mutts

King Features Syndicate has issued an advisory through Reed Brennan:

Attention MUTTS Clients:

King Features Syndicate advises that the May 2 Sunday strip centers around the Bidens’ dog Major and his life as a shelter dog. Because of the current delicacy of this topic, we understand that this comic may not be right for all communities. If you prefer, an optional replacement has been made available, chosen by Patrick McDonnell himself. Please contact Customer Service if you would like the replacement strip.

Thank you,
King Features Editorial

© Patrick McDonnell

The May 2 Mutts Sunday page by Patrick McDonnell is a Shelter Stories installment. It was probably created sometime around or before the Biden’s dog Major nipped a Secret Service agent. As that USA Today story notes Major recently returned to The White House, just in time for his Mutts guest shot.

4 thoughts on “Major Trigger Warning for Sunday Mutts

  1. The sad part is the humans who try to make a huge scandal out of a rescue dog nipping entirely because they regard the dog’s owner as a political enemy.

    If you want to know how good of a job Joe Biden doing, think about the fact that his political enemies have been reduced to “His rescue dog nipped somebody and is being sent for more training” to find something to criticize.

    The latest horror? He picked a dandelion for his wife.

    Seriously – they’re trying to attack him for THAT.

  2. To be fair the offer to replace the Major/Mutts strip was made weeks ago, I just waited until the strip was about to appear to post the notice.

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