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How Did He Do It

© King Features Syndicate

The second panel on this strip was one of those panels where if you don’t sell it the whole gag falls apart. The following is a little behind the scenes look at what goes into a drawing like this.

Jim Keefe shows how he sets up a Sally Forth panel.


When Did They Do It

© Rick McKee & Kent Sligh

While waiting for Tribune Content Agency to start running same day Mt. Pleasant comic strips, GoComics swept in under the radar and has same day strips up. There is a two month archive of the Rick McKee and Kent Sligh comic up at GoComics even as you are reading this. Who knew?


Where Is It Going Down

© Adam Zyglis

Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis has a request:

Hey all my Buffalo followers, I need your help. I’m in the midst of a fun book project about what it means to be from here, and I’d love to get your ideas. It will be ready this Fall with 100 illustrations tapping into our communal culture and experience…

It’s a cartoon love letter to Buffalo, (with some tough love sprinkled in). Write in your suggestions below about things that I cannot leave out...

So here goes, finish this sentence “You know you’re from Buffalo if…”

WGRZ has more background.


What Is This About

© Warner Bros.

… a 1942 Looney Tunes comic book (Large Feature Comics #8) … the inside front cover had a brief illustrated biography of Bugs Bunny …

One of the [surprising things] was an illustration accompanied by a blurb that stated “In the office of Leon Schlesinger, there is a huge oil painting of Bugs — a Christmas present from the employees of the Schlesinger Studio.”

Animation historian Jim Korkis digs up a historical artifact.


Who Gets It

© Annie Awards

Pioneering Nisei cartoon artist Willie Ito has been chosen to receive the Winsor McCay Award during the 48th annual Annies, the animation industry’s version of the Oscars, on April 16, it was announced by ASIFA-Hollywood, a nonprofit devoted to cultivating and promoting the art, craft, and profession of animation.

Named in honor of animator Winsor McCay, best known as a prolific artist and pioneer in the art of comic strips and animation, the award stands as one of the highest honors given to an individual in the animation industry in recognition for career contributions to the art of animation.

The Rafu Shimpo carries the story.

© Warner Bros.


Where They Coming From

© Sabrie Gutierrez

Olton High School and Junior High art students have been studying the art of comic strips.
Christi McCasland, art teacher at Olton ISD, said students have been working on story lines and designs.

Here are a selection of comics from those students.