Scott Adams Creates G- and PG-rated Dilbert NFTs

Cartoonist Scott Adams has created and is selling two NFT versions of a Dilbert comic strip
identical except for a curse word added to one of them.

On his twitter feed Scott explains:

For those who wonder, NFTs are digital art that is collectible because the original is registered on the blockchain. Yes, anyone can copy digital art. But you can’t copy its entry on the blockchain, which makes it collectible. Does that make rational sense? Nope.

© Scott Adams (or whoever buys the strips, I guess)

Scott seems to being having fun with it.

And if he makes a couple hundred thousand off it, so much the better. explains all in their story of N effing T Dilbert.

Of course, as Adams suggested, it doesn’t have to make rational sense to make money.

Nor does it make a ton of sense to pay extra for a curse word, but the top (and thus far only) bid on the PG-13 version is over $7,077. As of the time this article was published, no one has bid on the PG strip.



3 thoughts on “Scott Adams Creates G- and PG-rated Dilbert NFTs

  1. The thing that upsets me most is the copyright notice. Selling an artwork does not mean you sell the copyright. Unless you say that you are doing so.

  2. The New York Times calls Adams an “online provocateur.” He only seeks attention. Please don’t give it to him.

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