CARTOONIST PROfiles Archives

A treasure trove for cartooning fans is now available!

The Internet Archive has made available the run of Jud Hurd’s CARTOONIST PROfiles magazine. From issue #1 (March, 1969) to issue #146 (June, 2005) CARTOONIST PROfiles was THE insider magazine for newspaper and magazine cartoonists (and greeting cards and illustration and and animation and caricature and… ).

Accessing this collection is a bit different than the freely available Editor and Publisher magazine noted earlier this month. Registration, which costs nothing, is required and then you will be allowed to borrow any issue for an hour. After the better part of two weeks I haven’t been bothered with any spam and there has been no hassle “borrowing” as many issues as I desire. For researchers the archive has a search function.

Get started at the CARTOONIST PROfiles page.


Mike Russell and Leonardo De Sá

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