Editor and Publisher Archives 1901 – 2015

Editor & Publisher’s roots began in 1884 when The Journalist was first published to serve the U.S. newspaper industry. The Editor & Publisher: A Journal for Newspaper Makers was founded in 1901, and in 1907 it merged with The Journalist. Later, Editor & Publisher acquired Newspaperdom, a trade journal for the newspaper industry that started in 1892, and in 1927, E&P merged with another trade paper, The Fourth Estate, to become what is now known as today’s Editor & Publisher magazine.

Late last year 115 years of Editor and Publisher archives were made
publicly available by permission from owner Mike Blinder.


From the Internet Archive:

When Mike Blinder acquired Editor & Publisher magazine in October 2019, he inherited boxes of back issues that he put in a climate-controlled storage unit near his home in Tampa, Florida.  Leafing through the old — and sometimes brittle — pages of the journalism trade publications, he noticed a reference to microfilm access to the content…

When Blinder called Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive and found out we had the microfilm for his back issues, he was very excited to find the microfilm was not only safe, but that the Internet Archive would digitize all of the issues at no cost to him. Blinder enthusiastically gave permission for the full 100-year history to be read and downloaded by anyone, anywhere…

Over the years, E&P has chronicled changes in the business during times of recession, war, and cultural change. It includes awards for publishers of the year and young journalism professionals.


Joshua Benton and NiemanLab celebrate the effort:

My two intellectual loves are history and journalism — alternately, history and its first draft — and I’m always happy to see the two overlap. That’s the case with word that the Internet Archive has digitized nearly the entire back catalog of Editor & Publisher — for decades the bible of the newspaper industry — and made it searchable to all.

Following Joshua’s lead we are also sharing a few pages from the E&P archives.

Of course comics and editorial cartoons are an integral part of newspaper history and Editor and Publisher cover them. Included is the complete E&P columns of Dave Astor covering Syndicates and News Services.

Also are the famous Syndicate Directory annuals listing available features from the syndicates large and small and chock-full of syndicate advertising.


The archive is searchable by name, title, creator, newspaper, syndicate, or any category you choose.
A new way for you to while away the hours. Check it out.