“It’s All Relative” by John Potter, New Eco-cartoon

The Mountain Journal, a journalistic watchdog of The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, has recently engaged artist John Potter as an editorial cartoonist.

The former cartoonist and illustrator for The Billings Gazette will contribute a weekly cartoon dedicated to preserving “the wildest landscape in the Lower 48.” The feature began with a February 3, 2021 issue.

John spent 20 years (1982-2001) as staff artist/illustrator/cartoonist at The Billings Gazette and then continued as a freelance columnist and cartoonist.


The Mountain Journal introduced readers to John with a profile and interview.

JOHN POTTER: My first inspiration for cartooning was Charles M. Schulz (I copied Peanuts cartoon strips obsessively when I was a kid). I loved Peanuts. Got an autographed letter from Mr. Schulz once too.  Cartoonists that have inspired me include the great Walt Kelly (“Pogo”), Bill Watterson (“Calvin & Hobbs”), Garry Trudeau (“Doonesbury”), and political cartoonists Bill Mauldin and Pat Oliphant.
MOJO: You worked at The Billings Gazette as their editorial cartoonist and graphic artist for years. How did you get that gig?
POTTER: Someone on the hiring and firing committee at The Gazette had a serious lapse in judgment. Actually, a fellow cartoonist named Craig Curtiss, who was also a former lettering artist for Stan Lynde (“Rick O’Shay”), helped me get that job, giving me a great referral. 

John’s weekly cartoons at The Mountain Journal.

art © Mountain Journal/John Potter/Billings Gazette