A Handful of Updates

Henry Martin

A little drawing appeared around Reunions in 1983. It showed a smiling tiger strolling into Murray-Dodge Hall to the new AA Haven, set up to support alumni during Princeton’s annual alcohol-laden bash.

“It was just a little vignette, but it was lighthearted and it made the whole thing seem unthreatening. And thoroughly Princetonian,” says Scribner, who edited Martin’s two books of cartoons. “It illustrates that Henry Martin had a great sensitivity to using his talent and his wit and his graphic skills to do good.”

Magazine and syndicated panel cartoonist Henry Martin died last year,
the whimsical Class of’48 Princeton alumnus is remembered here.


Ernie Poignant

The last time we checked in on Ernie Poignant he was 100 going on 101,
here he is celebrating #102 with his family earlier this month.


Charles Schulz and Peanuts

As a follow-up to any number of Peanuts and Sparky articles here,
and remembering it is 21 years since Peanuts ended (February 13) and Schulz’s death (February 12),
here are a dozen Untold Truths of Peanuts.


Al Hirschfield

After the exhibit end, The New Yorker reminds us that they (sometimes) continue online.
In this case it is an Al Hirschfield exhibit at the Al Hirschfield Foundation.


Ryan Stolp and Greg Kearney

A conversation between two political cartoonists: Ryan Stolp and Greg Kearney. Why Political cartoons are an integral component in the framework of political journalism and democracy. Discussion with Greg and Ryan using examples of their work, favorite cartoons and why?

Event and registration information.