Sunday Scrambled

A couple strips are taking me back.

© Stephan Pastis

Who else, when reading Pearls Before Swine,
thought of the old B. Kliban classic?

© B. Kliban


© North America Syndicate (KFS)

Back when cars weighed more than they cost and gas was a quarter a gallon
(which got you about ten miles). Nice reproduction (front, back, and side)Terry.


“She’s got ducks, ducks on the wall”

© Greg Craven

Some Museum Synchronicity with The Buckets and PC and Pixel.

© Tak Bui


That Rex Morgan panel reminds me to reiterate
how much I love the effort put into those drop panels.
Here’s Eric Reaves with a panel I like:

© King Features Syndicate


“I see a red door and I want to paint it black”

© Maria Scrivan

Eventually Andrews McMeel will get the Sunday Half Full back in black.


Just Between Friends I have seen my daughter go out in these.
For the life of me I don’t know why, or see how. Six inch heels??!!

© Sandra Bell-Lundy


And in the “you can only do this in comics” department:

© Jef Mallett

I love everything about today’s Frazz.