Phantom Finals (this ain’t Jeopardy now)

So you’re feeling good about acing that Jeopardy category, eh?
Let’s go deeper into the woods and see what you know about The Phantom.

1. What is the name of The Phantom’s wolf/dog?

2. What is the name of The Phantom’s horse?

3. What is the name The Phantom uses when away from his jungle home?

4. What was the name of the criminal gang The Phantom originally fought?

5. Altogether, how many Phantom novels did Lee Falk author?

6. Where is The Phantom’s home/headquarters located?

7. What does The Phantom wear on his right hand?

8. What actor starred in the 1996 movie, “The Phantom”?

9. Who starred as The Phantom in the 1943 black and white cliffhanger movie serial?

10. What is the name of The Phantom’s romantic interest?

11. What superpowers does The Phantom have, like X-ray vision, the ability to fly or telepathy?

12. According to the story line developed by Falk, the current Phantom is descended from how many ancestors who also were “The Phantom”?

Questions from the Statesville Record & Landmark as part of a reminisce by O.C. Stonestreet.

The Phantom © King Features Syndicate

The answers can be found at page nine of today’s The Record & Landmark edition


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1. “Devil”
2. “Hero”
3. Kit Walker
4. “The Singh Brotherhood.” This is also the name of the very first Phantom comic strip.
5. Falk wrote five novels. There are at least 10 other Phantom novels by other authors.
6. His home is “Skull Cave” in Bangalla, a fictional jungle country somewhere in Africa.

7. His signature “Skull Ring” which usually leaves a deep impression on any malefactor he has slugged. Although he carries two pistols, The Phantom has never killed an enemy.
8. Billy Zane starred.

9. Tom Tyler starred.
10. Miss Diana Palmer
11. Like Batman, he has no super powers; he relies on his own strength and intelligence.
12. The current Kit Walker (The Phantom) is supposedly the twenty-first in a line of previous Phantoms who has vowed to “fight piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice, and my sons and their sons shall follow me.”

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  1. I would perhaps argue his precision with a pistol verge on being a superpower.Reliably shooting guns out of somebody’s hand at range seems to be beyond the normal human compass.

  2. What do you mean wolf/dog? Devil is a wolf and never a dog. It has been clearly mentioned in several of Falk’s strips that Devil is a wolf and NOT a dog.

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