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Garry B. Trudeau on Carnivals and Comics

With the release of the poster and the buttons for the 2021 Saranac Carnival
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise interviewed Garry Trudeau by way of email.

Q. Can you walk me through your thought process on coming up with this year’s poster and button design?

A. I had just finished another project in which I had used character portraits in a grid, so I already had that concept on the brain. I’d also been noticing the tremendous variety of masks people have been wearing, and thought it would be fun to riff off of that. We used an array of images on the masks that evoke the Adirondacks, some of them so subtle you really have to lean in to study them. The poster is designed to engage the viewer.

all images © Garry B. Trudeau

Q. What does the future of comics look like from where you sit?

A. Newspaper comics? Not great. It’s hard for young artists to make a living in syndication anymore. But cartooning isn’t going away: Online comics and graphic novels are flourishing, and animation is a global business.

Above is the first and last Q&A – the rest of it is at the Daily Enterprise which wouldn’t let me back into that link, so here it is via The Glen Falls Post-Star.

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