David Horsey: Drinking from a Fire Hose

Seattle Times interviews their editorial cartoonist David Horsey about the past four years of politics in the United States and new book “Drawing Apart: Political Cartoons from a Polarized America.”

I think the biggest problem is that if you’re talking about Donald Trump, my job is to sort of exaggerate reality and create satire that goes beyond the facts on the ground. But with Trump, he is such an extreme character. And the things that have happened over the last few years have been so weird and unpredictable that a lot of times it’s just felt like being an illustrator, you know? You’d just draw what’s there because you can’t get weirder. You can’t exaggerate beyond the bizarre exaggerations that are coming out every day.

Read the interview here. Buy the book here.

2 thoughts on “David Horsey: Drinking from a Fire Hose

  1. We are so proud and happy to have David Horsey’s insight, vision and talent here in Seattle. For 4 years I’ve often thought you could write a screenplay on this administration but no one would believe that much junk could ever really happen…and yet, here we are.

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