Twitter and Facebook Suspend Ben Garrison

Twitter and Facebook has taken down one of the most voracious supporters of President Trump –
cartoonist Ben Garrison.

And not long after that Twitter action came Facebook.

The final straw seems to be his cartoon released after Wednesday’s attack on The Capitol:

Ben protested on his Parler account that he had included the word “peaceful” in the description.

Ben Garrison, as seen in earlier cartoons and posts, was in agreement with Trump rhetoric.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook Suspend Ben Garrison

  1. Garrison’s one of the ones whose thought process is cartoonier than his drawing style, inhabiting an uncanny valley big enough to swallow Poe’s Law whole.

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t for his cartoon about tracking devices in the vaccine…or election fraud…or that Trump won…or deep state pedophilia…or…

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