Ted Dawson Gets Publishers Weekly Cover

Max Weaver and Ted Dawson‘s new Grubbs book (Spring 2021 release) got a prime spot in the latest (December 21) Publishers Weekly magazine – the cover! It’s a parody alternate cover for their Person of the Year issue.

Grubbs has been around, in one form of another, for a dozen years.

From a 2016 interview with Weaver and Dawson:

Centered on a feisty, trouble-making little boy named Billy, “Grubbs” is produced by both Weaver and South Carolina artist Ted Dawson.

“I write the script and words and I don’t know how Ted does it, but he puts down on the page what I’m thinking,” Weaver said. “Everything he’s illustrated has been right on the money. It’s better than what I envisioned initially.”

“I think ‘Grubbs’ epitomizes the youngest kid in the family where the older kids have gotten most of the attention and you’ve got the youngest who is competing in some form or another and has the least amount of power in the house,” Dawson said.

© Max Weaver & Ted Dawson