Bearing With Bob Scott

Cartoonist Bob Scott has no intention of sending his Bear into hibernation this winter. A new Bear With Me book will soon join his first Molly and the Bear book in stores and comic shops.

Recently John Adcock interviewed Bob at Yesterday’s Papers:

Brett Koth and I were hired to co-pencil Jim’s comic strip US Acres.  I loved working with Jim and his crew, and Brett is still a great friend and inspiration to me.

I attempted many other strips before Bear with Me. After college I submitted a strip to the syndicates about a suicidal dog! Gee, I wonder why that didn’t sell. Ha! Ha! What was I thinking? 

Why is Yesterday’s Papers interviewing a modern cartoonist?
Probably has to do with Bob’s tributes to the old Funnies.

© Bob Scott

Also this month is Bob’s new entry in Lambiek’s Comiclopedia.
(Not sure why they say Molly and the Bear started in 2010
when GoComics show the first strip was in January of 2009.)