Sheldon, Edge of Adventure, Shoecabbage, more – Catching up on the GoComics Culls

It’s been over two months since I updated what is being dropped from GoComics.
So let’s take a look-see now.
[First follow that link to the last update to find a correction: it was Bewly, not BFGF Syndrome,
that was dropped. BFGF Syndrome remains at GoComics – my mistake.]
The features dropped in November include The Bent Pinky, Drive, Edge of Adventure, GoComics Fan Art, My Cage – Old and New, Pop Culture Shock Therapy, Sheldon, Shutterburg Follies, and Speechless. October saw Tim Eagan leave the roster.

Apologies to the others but Sheldon was really the only one on my Follow list.
Sorry to see that go but we did have warning:

So I check Kellett’s strip at the Sheldon site. David’s other strip, Drive, fell off GoComics the same day. By the way I don’t know who dropped who. Neither David nor GoComics has made any statements other than the above notice.

I started following Edge of Adventure regularly after James Allen left Mark Trail, previously I only checked in occasionally. It seems I had notice of this one leaving GoComics also. Anyway James did make a statement as to where he can be found:

For those group members that follow Edge – our contract with Gocomics has ended and we have moved! Edge is now at TWO sites- Webtoons and Tapas! The update schedule is a new strip every Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday! Merchandise is fo4thcoming – “ animals of Edge ? sketchbook”, a collected volume, a Lucinde calendar, maybe even a Lucinde pinup book! Anyway here are the links … [and]

More features will be dropped as time goes by:

At Dan’s Patreon page is some explanation:

Just got some bad news. GoComics/Universal Press Syndicate is not renewing my contract at the end of the year. With the economy in the dumper, and the newspaper business in the dumper already, they’re downsizing the number of strips they’re carrying. Unfortunately, my 3,000 subscribers just weren’t enough for them to make much money from Just Say Uncle going forward.

And while editorial cartoonist Tim Eagan was dropped, GoComics added Al Goodwyn.

Let’s also note that Andrews McMeel cleaned up their syndicate page last month. Recently stripping Cleats, Cow and Boy Classics, The Elderberries, Frog Applause, and In the Sticks from the list – none of which are any longer or ever were syndicated by them and shouldn’t have been on that page.