Silent Night; or, Mum’s the Word

There seems to be quite a number of pantomime panels in today’s strips.


So naturally the normally muted Lio has word balloons.

From the top:
Alley Oop © U.F.S.
Animal Crackers © T.C.A.
Arlo and Janis © U.F.S.
B.C. © J.H.S.
The Barn © Ralph Hagen
Beetle Bailey © K.F.S.
Daddy’s Home © Rubino & Markstein
Heart of the City © A.M.S.
Heathcliff © Creators
Mike du Jour © Mike Lester
Mutts © Patrick McDonnell
On the Fastrack © K.F.S.
Pooch Cafe © Paul Gilligan
Reality Check © U.F.S.
Sally Forth © K.F.S.
Scary Gary © Creators
Thatababy © Paul Trap
Wizard of Id © J.H.S.
Lio © Mark Tatulli