Ed Black – RIP

Cartoonist and comics historian Ed Black has passed away.

Joseph Edward (Ed) Black
March 12, 1944 – November 26, 2020


From the obituary:

Ed served in the U.S Army during the Vietnam War. Ed worked for the Mahoning County Clerk of Courts. Prior to the clerk of Courts Office Ed was a Bailiff for Judge Economus. He was a radio and T.V. News reporter and weather man for WKBN and WBBW in the ‘70’s and 80’s. Ed spoke many languages, including Korean, which he used as a language specialist in the US Army.

He was a member of the National Cartoonist Society and was an avid cartoonist and animation historian. His work appeared in various legal and cartoon publications including articles he wrote on many renowned cartoonists.

The National Cartoonists Society noted Ed’s passing on their Facebook page:

After college and the Army, Ed worked at WKBN as a weatherman, at WBBW radio, and was an announcer for various Ohio and Pennsylvania radio stations.  He had a wonderful “radio voice” and could mimic many accents.

Ed was a faithful member of the National Cartoonists Society as well as the longtime Secretary/Treasurer of the NCS Great Lakes Chapter.  He created panel cartoons for the local legal association publication and wrote well-researched biographical articles and in-depth interviews for top cartooning magazines such as “Hogan’s Alley” and “The Cartoonist.”  He also wrote several storylines for the syndicated cartoon strip “Gasoline Alley.”  His cartooning knowledge was encyclopedic.

Samples of Ed’s comic histories can be read
at the NCS Great Lakes Chapter Glyph
and at Tom Heintjes’ Hogan’s Alley site.