Ginger Meggs – Making New Friends at 100

Noting the adage that one is never too old to make new friends the Ginger Meggs comic strip, in its 99th year, has introduced a new character this week.

© Jason Chatfield; Ginger Meggs ™ Winslow Investments Pty Ltd

Says cartoonist Jason Chatfield:

Gloria is a bright and energetic young Aboriginal girl who loves nothing more than slipping on her running shoes and beating all the boys at races. She has a natural talent for music, and can play almost any instrument she picks up.

While Ginger and Gloria are headed for what promises to be an adversarial, but friendly, relationship, Benny seems to have deeper feelings for the new girl. More from Jason:

Any time Gloria walks into the room, Benny turns into a sputtering, blushing mess. He may have a tiny crush on Gloria.

As Ginger Meggs nears its 100th anniversary Jason decided to put some color into the strip … well, people of color. Last year saw two new kids introduced: Penny Chieng and Rahul Jayasinha.

Gloria Tudehope is the third and final new face to join the gang.

Ginger Meggs first appeared on November 13, 1921 – and 2021 looks to be a year filled with centennial celebrations; including a new book of adventures for the gang.

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