Vote For a Classic King Features’ Comic Revival

King Features Syndicate is running a short survey to find which Classic KFS comic strip fans would like to see revived with all new stories and art.

While I remain totally noncommittal, you can secretly deliver your preference by
casting your vote for King Classics at the SurveyMonkey page.

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16 thoughts on “Vote For a Classic King Features’ Comic Revival

  1. I would like to see Flash Gordon return with good art and story! How about Brick Bradford and the Time Top? Lots of room to be creative here!

  2. Some might says Mutts is close to present-day Krazy Kat…

    I thought the recent spate of “Popeye’s Cartoon Club” strips proved that modern-day Popeye could work.

    I don’t know that ongoing stories like Apartment 3G, Johnny Hazard, and others could work in today’s smaller real estate.

  3. I’m pretty sure I could not cope with anything called Krazy Kat that was not directly created by Herriman.

    It would be akin to painting new “Picasso’s”.

    Krazy Kat was art in its own right.

  4. D. D. Degg — But Popeye IS one of the alternatives in the survey. So it sounds like they’re considering more comic strips with him in addition to Popeye’s Cartoon Club.

  5. Now if only there was a poll from Andrews McMeel to reboot Peanuts with a new artist – maybe on the 100th. anniversary of the birth of original Peanuts creator Charles Schulz in 2022.

  6. I think it was Schulz’s dying wish that there were to be no new Peanuts strips written or drawn after his passing. So, maybe Senate republicans will help get it done.

  7. @Mesterius: I have _often_ dreamt of a Katzenjammer Kids revival! Heck, I’d settle for a Captain & The Kids revival! 🙂 Can you imagine?! The havoc! The chaos! The protests from responsible parenting groups!! I’m sure they’d have to ratchet back the Germanish phonetic-spelling (just for readability if not for any other reason), but, as someone who had a number of German immigrants in my extended family as a kid, oh, boy, I _love_ those old strips (in either incarnation)! I can already smell my Omi’s kolaches and polichinkas! (and yes I had to look up both of those spellings!) Ach! My very head schpins!! 🙂

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