Popeye’s Cartoon Club Reopens

With the country slowly reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic one very important
organization has decided to return to an active status: Popeye’s Cartoon Club.

Popeye and Comics Kingdom are announcing that beginning Thursday May 28
Popeye’s Cartoon Club will return with a series of Randy Milholland comic strips.


From Popeye’s Twitter account:

@PopeyeTweetsk‘s Cartoon Club is back.
(More like Thurs., 5/28, tbh.)


Me favorite cartoonist uncle, Randy Milholland (aka @choochoobear) is set to launch a special set of comics for me cartoon club!
Be on the lookout tomorrow on comicskingdom.com!

Last year we mentioned that Randy had done a half dozen or so strips for Popeye’s Cartoon Club of which the Powers That Be (hi Tea!) picked one. So we were curious if these would be the “rejects” or newly created episodes. Randy has cleared up our confusion:

SO YEAH! Starting tomorrow, will be running, if I’m not mistaken, a mix of the Cartoon Club stuff I’ve previously posted here as well as brand new Popeye strips I made just for them, for a little bit. If you like ’em let ’em know you want to see more.
So now the only question is how many weeks of pure enjoyment will there be?
Yeah, I should have checked with Tea about how many and the frequency:
Popeye has been a once-weekly comic by the legendary Hy Eisman since Bobby London was fired from the daily in the 1990s. We are going to have daily Popeye comics for the next three weeks [emphasis added] thanks to @choochoobear, if you want more, please read every day!!!

above: Randy’s Sailorman Redraw Challenge


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  1. I’m quite glad to hear this. The Cartoon Club strips were a nice bit of affectionate creative energy and it’s fun seeing different takes on the characters.

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