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Comic Strips, Newspapers, and Pagination

From a concerned reader of the Winston-Salem Journal:

Q: What happened to the Nancy and Curtis comic strips on the Journal comics pages? Will they be coming back?

Turns out it was the paper’s pagination service.

Answer: The folks who do our daily comics page layouts experienced technical problems last week, and substituted different columns and two vintage comic strips, B.C. and The Wizard of Id, while working the problems out. 

Wonder what goes into the service deciding which strips to use as substitutes?



But it gave The Journal an excuse to switch comics.

As for the comics, Curtis will be back, but Nancy will not. The Powers That Be decided this would be a good time to replace Nancy, which they felt had not lived up to expectations. In its place, we are now running Wallace the Brave, a strip that debuted online in 2015 and moved into print in 2018. It is written and drawn by Will Henry, who says he took inspiration from two popular but now discontinued comics, Calvin and Hobbes and Cul de Sac.

We are working to bring Curtis and the advice columns back.


While in St. Louis a Post-Dispatch reader is upset with The Walker Brothers:

On Labor Day, the “Hi and Lois” comic noticeably ignored the work of women in our society. When Lois toasted to Hi, “Here’s to the working man in the family,” Hi had a perfect opportunity to honor Lois’ labor of love that she gives daily at home and outside the home, with little fanfare.

That strip’s cartoonists, Brian and Greg Walker and Chance Browne, owe such honor to all women, working inside or outside their home, having labored in birth or anywhere else.


Community Comments

#1 Rodrigo Araya
@ 8:19 pm

Didn’t Chance Brown retire last year? “H and L” strips are now signed by Eric Reaves.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 10:09 pm

Yes, Eric Reaves has been drawing the strip for a decade,
and signing the strip for the past three years.

But the reader can be excused as The Post-Dispatch runs the
“by Brian and Greg Walker and Chance Browne” credit line
above the daily strip, as King Features does at the top of their
Hi and Lois page.

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