Appropriate Appropriations, A Comics Conspiracy

It seems Adam Zyglis’ homage to Bob Mankoff was just the tip.
Not long after Ed Wexler also used a classic comic image, with attribution.

And while this kind of stuff is fairly common, today seems to be particularly guest-starry.

Mike’s Comic Strip of [To] Day already mentioned the Barney and Clyde strip of August 9:

Mike also showed Jonathan Lemon‘s comic Rabbits Against Magic; but that was not today’s strip:

(Click back a day will get another Rabbits Against Magic guest appearance.)

A couple strips, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee and Red and Rover, feature one of the two cartoonists whose names have become words in the dictionary.

Reality Check, like Rabbits Against Magic above, features a social gathering:

Cornered features a comic book hero, I’m just not sure which identity it is.

Some other guests began appearing months ago and continue.
The Flash Gordon strip with Secret Agent X-9 is, of course rerun from the turn of the century.

While Dick Tracy continues the novel-length detective thriller with Dethany
(since today’s strip didn’t feature the guest star, here’s yesterday’s):

A couple weeks ago On The Fastrack reciprocated by having a short story mystery with Dick Tracy.

Speaking of a couple of weeks: that two week Mutts adventure that just ended featuring Crabby/Popeye/Sea Hag was great. I especially enjoyed the reenactment of Popeye’s debut.

Since we’re delving into the past – last week Sunday’s Slylock Fox surprised:

And was the human in Bliss yesterday a guest star? Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp?