Russian Caricaturist Draws Adorable Native Girls

A bit off our normal path, but too cute to let go.

From Bored Panda:

Our world is so beautifully different. Unique appearances, cultures, and traditions are what make it so rich and exciting to live in and learn from. Packed with details such as national animals, food, outfits, or makeup, these adorable cartoon-like characters resemble people from particular countries and regions.

Includes quotes from a talk with artist Lera Kiryakova:

“The first idea was to draw every girl with a national animal. But some traditional animals were too big for the composition, so I decided to change them. For example, I didn’t draw the Indian girl with an elephant and went with a snake instead. It doesn’t mean that the snake is a traditional animal, but it helps to bring out more history and spirit of the character.”

“I always start with an idea, then find references for poses, clothes, sometimes faces. Next, I do a fast sketch with a simple pencil on paper or directly in Photoshop. And then I work with colors. I always use my graphic tablet and Photoshop or an iPad. My favorite part is adding details and drawing hair.”