Seven Days’ Cartoon Issue + Keith Knight add

From Seven Days’ introduction to The Cartoon Issue:

Like every other Vermont enterprise, Seven Days has scrapped, postponed or reinvented many of our perennial projects this year because of the pandemic. But we decided to go ahead with the Cartoon Issue.

It goes without saying that cartoons and print media are made for each other. Comic strips give newspaper readers a break from columns of text. They’re visually interesting, creative, sometimes hilarious and often packed with pointed political commentary. We’ve always made room for them in our pages.

This year’s volume features comix by
Ken Picard and Emily Rhain Andrews,
Dan Bolles, Rick Veitch, Ezra Veitch and James Buck,
Sally Pollak and Elisa Järnefelt,
Chelsea Edgar and Julianna Brazill,
with the cover by Jarad Greene.

And still including the comix of regular contributors:
Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr, Fran Krause, Tom Tomorrow,
Phil Gerigscott, Ryan Riddle, Max Cannon, Harry Bliss,
Jen Sorensen, Rachel Lindsay, and Tim Newcomb.

And a special announcement welcoming back Keith Knight as a regular:

Starting next week, we are adding a new cartoonist: Los Angeles-based Keith Knight. His smart and funny semiautobiographical strip “The K Chronicles,” syndicated in papers across the country, will appear weekly in Seven Days

One thought on “Seven Days’ Cartoon Issue + Keith Knight add

  1. I came back to the funny pages after a long hiatus, probably to avoid the news, and I was delighted to find a bunch of smart new strips, including for example, Pearls Before Swine and Candorville. Knight’s are among the best.

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