Senior Strippers (2019 edition)

Happy Birthday Vic Carrabotta, born June 24, 1929!
Vic becomes the latest creator to join the Senior Strippers roster. A list of cartoonists who for 90+ years continue to survive “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”

Below is, as best as I can determine, a list of cartoonists who continue to carry on past 90 years.


sports and editorial cartoonist BIL CANFIELD October 8, 1920

comic book and comic strip cartoonist AL JAFFEE March 13, 1921

comic strip and comic book artist BOB FUJITANI October 15, 1921

sports cartoonist MURRAY OLDERMAN March 27, 1922

gag cartoonist DANA FRADON April 14, 1922

gag cartoonist PETE WYMA 1922

comic book artist ALLEN BELLMAN June 5, 1924

comic book and comic strip artist FRANK BOLLE June 23, 1924

animator GENE DEITCH August 8, 1924

gag and comic strip cartoonist ROGER BRADFIELD September 22, 1924

editorial cartoonist JIM IVEY April 25 15, 1925

gag cartoonist HENRY MARTIN July 15, 1925

comic book artist LILY RENEÉ ca. 1924/25

comic book and comic strip artist MEL KEEFER July 2, 1926

cartoonist and illustrator TED MULLINGS April 7, 1926

gag cartoonist GEORGE BOOTH June 28,1926

comic book and comic strip artist RAMONA FRADON October 2, 1926

comic book, strip, and gag cartoonist ORLANDO BUSINO October 10, 1926

comic book artist JOE SINNOTT October 16, 1926

illustrator HILARY KNIGHT November 1, 1926

comic book and comic strip cartoonist HY EISMAN March 27, 1927

cartoonist ALBERT UDERZO April 25, 1927

comic strip and comic book artist YAROSLAV HORAK June 12, 1927

comic book artist MORT KÜNSTLER August 28, 1927

comic book and comic strip artist JACK KATZ September 27, 1927

comic book artist HY FLEISHMAN November 18, 1927

comic strip and comic book artist SY BARRY March 12, 1928

comic strip artist SYDNEY JORDAN May 28, 1928 (1931?)

comic book cartoonist BOB BOLLING June 9, 1928

comic book and comic strip artist JOE GIELLA June 27, 1928

cartoonist DON OREHEK August 9, 1928

cartoonist JULES FEIFFER January 26, 1929

cartoonist ARNOLD ROTH February 25, 1929

cartoonist and caricaturist MORT DRUCKER March 22, 1929

illustrator and caricaturist EDWARD SOREL March 26, 1929

humorist FRANK JACOBS May 30, 1929

cartoonist and puzzle maker DICK ROGERS June 19, 1929

comic book artist VIC CARRABOTTA June 24, 1929

Coming up later this year:

comic book artist DON PERLIN August 27, 1929

comic book, comic strip, gag cartoonist FRANK HILL September 10, 1929

comic book writer and editor SID JACOBSON October 20, 1929

editorial cartoonist CHARLIE DANIEL December 14, 1929


Lost since last year’s list is
Ken Bald, Stan Lee, Tom K. Ryan, Steve Ditko, and Everett Raymond Kinstler.

Missing from last year’s list is Luis Dominguez and Phil Hirsch. I was informed that Luis Dominguez had Alzheimer’s about a dozen years  ago and it is unlikely he continues on. I can find nothing, one way or the other, about Phil Hirsch but have dropped him from the list.

Hat tip: Bob Buethe, Doc Vassallo, Tom Spurgeon, Bart Bush, Ron Evry, Roger Clark, Lenona

Corrections and additions are welcomed and encouraged.




4 thoughts on “Senior Strippers (2019 edition)

  1. I confess to being surprised by Mort Kunstler. However I see he did covers for Classics Illustrated near the beginning of his career.

  2. Did William M. Brown reach SENIOR STRIPPER status before he recently passed away?

  3. No, Wm. M. Brown was not a Senior Stripper. Yes, Wm. F. Brown was a Senior Stripper, though not on the list.
    I dare say there are as many (more?) cartoonists over 90 not on my list as there are on the list – which is why I ask for help in identifying more. Often we don’t learn of those not on the list until we hear of their passing (i.e. W. F. Brown).
    More surprising to me was that the recently passed Cal Massey was not on the list. Well-known artist, comic and otherwise, and well-known to be “of age”, I don’t understand how he wasn’t noted.

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