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Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2020 Goes Online

The administrators of the annual Cartoon Crossroads Columbus festival have decided that
for 2020 the show will be online instead of a physical grouping. Following is the CXC statement:

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus has decided that all CXC 2020 events cannot continue in their regular format, due to uncertainty about how to best protect the health and safety of our participants. This decision was not arrived at lightly, only after listening to our constituents, asking for feedback from exhibitors and partners, and evaluating the landscape of our host institutions.

However, we still have a mission to fulfill—namely, to celebrate comics, the people who make them, and to foster meaningful connections between them and the public.

A reimagined festival, held primarily online, can fulfill that mission.

We’re excited about this opportunity to explore original approaches and for the potential wider accessibility an online festival presents. This is still unexplored territory, but our field is populated by some of the most creative people in the world, so we’re optimistic that what we learn this year will only enhance comics festivals once we can all gather again.

Speaking of which, we’re incredibly grateful for the feedback you’ve been leaving us via the form we circulated a few weeks ago ( We’ll continue to listen to your input as we pivot CXC 2020 from a physical show to the new format.


Below is the formal announcement.

Keep up-to-date with the 2020 CXC activities and actions
at their Facebook page and at the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus website.


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