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Jim Toomey, Conservationist and Friend of NOAA

In the 50 years since our founding, NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] has worked with many individuals who share a passion for environmental issues and a relentless dedication to understanding and conserving our planet. Jim Toomey, creator of the daily comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon, is one of these people. To help us celebrate 50 years of science, service, and stewardship, Toomey is providing special illustrations of his popular characters.

For most of this new century Jim Toomey and NOAA have been partners:

“About 15 years ago I got an email … inquiring about using a few of my comic strips in some outreach materials,” said Toomey. After flying out to Silver Spring, Maryland to meet with NOAA employees, it became clear to Toomey that they shared the same goal. “I was very impressed with the folks I worked with,” he said. “They were obviously very committed to not only ocean-related issues, but also how to make those issues more palatable and understandable to the public.”

NOAA details their relationship as a thank you note.

[Jim’s] work has inspired a special award within NOAA: the Silver Sherman. Since 2016, the Silver Sherman has been awarded to individuals who have performed work above the normal requirements, achieved a milestone that contributed significantly toward the attainment of a particular program goal, or demonstrated immense leadership toward process improvement. The pin accompanying the award is a small, silver likeness of Sherman, Toomey’s lead character.


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